Monday, December 9, 2018

Game starts at 7:30pm

$3.00 per person or bring a NEW unwrapped Toy 

The Lynch who Stole Christmas

from the GrYnch 
Basketball Game



Wildwood Police Department
Wildwood High School Teacher & Students 

The Lynch who stole Christmas from the GrYnch will be offering a $500 half court shot to one student who attends the Wildwood Police Department vs Wildwood High School Teachers/Student Basketball Game this Thursday, December 6th at 7pm - at Wildwood High School.

The lucky student who wins our Heads & Thumbs game will receive a $100 Walmart Gift Card and then have the opportunity to take a half-court shot for a $500 Walmart Gift Card at the intermission.

The student can take the shot or they can have a player of their choice who's playing in the basketball game take the shot for them. The only requirement is that the winner attends school (1st grade through 12th grade) in Cape May County!

Admission is $3.00 or a unwrapped new toy. See you Thursday Night!your paragraph here.

One student will win a $100 Walmart Gift Card

and have the opportunity to make it a

 $500 Walmart Gift Card if they make a Half-Court Shot at halftime!
The student can take the shot or pick someone to take the shot for them! 

Open to all students (1st to 12th) in Cape May County.

​The Lynch who Stole Christmas

from the GrYnch